#OpenCampus: Learning Analytics

29 Feb 2020, SPU

An opportunity for the Tech community
to connect and share their thoughts


Open Campus is a GKSS programme to enable mass access to technological resources and tools, promote open innovation and elevate collaboration economy in the Northern Cape.

The meetup events will be hosted at various campuses for students in Kimberley. Students will connect, learn, share and help each other grow with each other's skills/knowledge.

Things at the Meetups

Topic of the week

Introduction to Learning Analytics

Join us

Other Interesting Tech
Talk Topics

Possible Topics
  • Robotic motors or special motors
  • FApplications of fuel cells
  • Why is open source good?
  • Hpw much is Python related to open source?
  • What are the projects related to open source?
  • Does open-source contribution help to get a good job?
  • LED lighting for energy efficiency
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Suggest Topic
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